Back office

ITS mobility informs, coordinates and connects

You’re in search of administrative support for a research consortium?
You would like to hand over the coordination of your network to a professional back office?
You’re seeking for assistance to the public relation activities of your research initiative?

The coordination of large project teams and networking experts from research and industry form the special expertise of ITS mobility. We support industry consortia and project initiatives as back office. In this role, we serve as central contact point for these networks internally and externally. We administratively back up long-acting research and development initiatives and take over all coordinating tasks – from administrating the memberships and budget, via assisting organisation bodies such as steering committees and working groups, up to public relation activities. We can access profound knowledge of the project landscape on intelligent transport systems and of their state of the art. With this capacity, we take over an advising part with regard to the initiative’s strategic focus, and convey suitable cooperation partners.     

Since January 2016, ITS mobility forms the back office for the Dachverband Automotive Nord, and since December 2016 for the Allianz für Intelligente Mobilität. For more than ten years now, since 2004, ITS mobility is the Administrator of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, and we have as well served as back office for the Landesinitiative Mobilität Niedersachsen from 2013 to 2015.

ITS mobility

  • provides information about the objectives, the organisation and the structure of the consortium or project initiative
  • takes over the membership and budget administration, and organises the internal information management through setting up and maintaining distribution lists.
  • serves as central contact point of the network internally and externally – for active and future members, partner initiatives, customers, decision makers and media
  • assists network bodies such as steering committees or working groups in the reporting, in the development of a strategic focus and in organising, accomplishing and post processing (web-) meetings
  • organises and supervises technical workshops and expert conferences
  • support the public relations by establishing information and advertising material as well as maintaining websites.


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