Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH)
Mergenthalerallee 77
65760 Eschborn

Mobile: +49 177 1549315
E-Mail: leejs2@katech.re.kr
Web: www.katech.re.kr

Korea's Leading Automotive Research Institute

Since its establishment in 1990, the Korea Automotive Technology Institute has been carrying out R&D and technical support such as reliability and certification of parts with Korean SMEs to develop the Korean automotive industry.

KATECH consists of five R&D Divisions, two Support Divisions and four Regional Divisions with a total of 821 employees, out of which 692 are dediciated to R&D activities.

Five Research Laboratories

  • Industry & Policy Research Laboratory
  • Autonomous Driving Technology Research Laboratory
  • Future Powertrain Technology Research Laboratory
  • Chassis & Material Technology Research Laboratory
  • Reliability & Certification Technology Research Laboratory

KATECH changed its organization into five research institutes to achieve the goal of transforming the industry into electrification, and enhancing software competitiveness by strengthening our core technology development capabilities for the automotive industry and the future mobility industry, establishing various technology development policies that can create new market opportunities, providing necessary support capabilities to the domestic auto parts industry.

Through a new wave of change, we will faithfully fulfill
our fundamental role to achieve the great dream in mobility industry. Please join us in the future mobility era that Korea Automotive Technology Institute will lead.

Core Competencies:

  • Opinion leader in mobility policy & industry
  • Autonomous Driving Technology
  • Vehicle-to-X Technology
  • Innovating software future powertrain Technology
  • Reliability & Certification Technology

Recent Projects:

  • Development of Autonomous Robot for Unmanned Parking System (since 2022)
  • Development of Autonomous Mobility for Delivery Service (since 2023)
  • Development of Autonomous Shuttle with Fully e-Corner Module
KATECH Organization